Insanic4 - Unofficial Channels EP Insanic4 - Neglected Particles

Label: U-Cover Minidisc [ www.u-cover.com ]
Format: 3"CDR
Catalog: U-cdm16
Year: 2007

[ Stream MP3 ]   01.  Obsolescence
[ Stream MP3 ]   02.  Ice Queen
[ Stream MP3 ]   03.  The Fly and The Grasshopper
[ Stream MP3 ]   04.  Tek Loden

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U-Cover: "It has been over three years that we have released Insanic4 debut album on our U-cover limited CDr label. Now finally we present his second release on U-cover. A lovely 4track release of highly quality IDM. For those who likes our releases by Multiplex, Quench, Lackluster and Sense, will enjoy this one aswell."

Insanic4 - Glitchtrack Insanic4 - Glitchtrack

Label: U-Cover cdr [ www.u-cover.com/cdr/ ]
Format: CDR
Catalog: u-cover cdr003
Year: 2004

limited on 95 copies


[ Stream MP3 ]   01.  IO  
[ Stream MP3 ] 02.  Latch  
[ Stream MP3 ] 03.  Operator  
[ Stream MP3 ] 04.  Reconnection  
[ Stream MP3 ] 05.  020421  
[ Stream MP3 ] 06.  030103
[ Stream MP3 ] 07.  The City
[ Stream MP3 ] 08.  Split
[ Stream MP3 ] 09.  Carousel
[ Stream MP3 ] 10.  Lowres

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U-Cover: "Insanic4 is Wouter Van Beek from Holland and this 10 track cdr release brings minimal and ambient minded IDM in a pure and subtle way. With this release Insanic4 brings you back to the essence of today's electronic music."

Insanic4 - Unofficial Channels EP Insanic4 - Unofficial Channels EP

Label: Sonic Engram [ www.sonicengram.com ]
Format: MP3 release
Catalog: SE001
Year: 2007

01.  Insanic
02.  Time Wizard
03.  Reality Flow

Sonic Engram: "Here are some unreleased tracks that were made between 1998 and 1999. A kind of old school IDM style maybe? Intelligent Techno.....What's in a name. Some have compared it with B12, Likemind and Reload material, You decide for yourself if this comparison is justified. Enjoy this first release on Sonic Engram."

CiM : Irtac (Insanic4 Reconfiguration)

Label: warmdata
Format: MP3 release
Catalog: r005
Year: 2004

Original track by CiM, remixed by Insanic4.

[ Download MP3 ]   CiM - Irtac (Insanic4 Reconfiguration)

Warmdata: "insanic4 has remixed 'irtac' - a beautiful version with its roots heavily in old school electronica - b12 like strings and clicking, heavily quantized beats. gorgeous chilled stuff from wouter van beek."

Various Artists - Music for Elevators Vol.2 Various Artists - Music for Elevators Vol.2

Label: mahorka [ mahorka.cult.bg/ ]
Format: MP3 release
Catalog: mhrk033
Year: 2005

MP3 Compilation, track 8 by Insanic4.